Maturity over time

Posted: April 21st, 2010
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Each distinct phase of a business’ lifecycle represents a milestone of what amounts to continuous improvement concerning these business truths (operating model). The compliment of IT enhancements to meet these maturity moves forward, match the value and thereby justifying the costs of all IT enhancements. This starts on day one of a successful business.

Business Data

Posted: April 21st, 2010
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The repository of all possible truths about a business. The key to “great” data repositories begins by creating systems that house and manage objective truths that are as atomic as usefully possible, and when those atomic parts are reassembled, they will continually represent verifiable facts that can be distinctly described.

Megode’s Capabilities

Posted: April 21st, 2010
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Megode’s capabilities; ranging from app dev/web dev/world-class BI solutions to their Virtual CTO and DBA position offerings – are not just a collection of IT service options, but are specific byproducts of the relationship Megode develops with each client.

Each relationship is governed by the knowledge that all businesses, like persons, grow into and through distinct levels of maturity. That each level of maturity requires the right level of IT investment; always focusing on value not cost. Megode understands that there is no one “right/forever solution” for a business problem. Megode approaches all engagements by taking into consideration the specific businesses needs of each client. This in-depth understanding requires a commitment-based relationship which Megode proudly has with each and every client.

Megode works individually with each of its distinguished clientele searching for the most efficient and effective roadmap to help guide their business forward starting from where it’s at today. Megode uses their experience and expertise to help guide businesses along this roadmap – governed by their business strategy. Via an ever more effective IT solution to the business’ operating model, Megode helps their clients create a value-based IT infrastructure serving their growing business goals and objectives.

It’s a journey, not a Destination

Revenue Recognition – DW Solution

Posted: April 9th, 2010
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Revenue Recognition Image

Revenue Recognition Image

Megode delivered a complete Data Warehousing “eco-system” to understand and report revenue for a large financial services client.  This client had been operating in “startup mode”, but as they were acquired, the urgency to be auditable and demonstrate viability in their accounting practices became critical to their success as a company.

Not only did Megode deliver the systems and reports to complete end of 2009 revenue reporting, but the architecture of the system is such that the client may now continue on to grow the system for more  partners and increased capabilities.

The RevRec system is built upon Microsoft SQL Server 2008, SSIS and SSAS using Visual Studio.   Architecting and building the solution required knowledge of these technology components combined with depth of expertise in dimensional modeling and accounting principles.

Rev Rec Case Study

Changing BI

Posted: November 17th, 2009
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Business Intelligence (BI) solutions help organizations adapt faster to changing market conditions, listen to customers more effectively, and most importantly, improve an organization’s overall profitability.

BI Service Card